Is Jennifer Lopez Dead- No it’s Jamie Lopez – owner of Babydoll Beauty Salon

Is Jennifer Lopez Dead
Jennifer Lopez – Source- Twiter

Is Jennifer Lopez Dead or Alive, this is the question right now in the minds of Jennifer Lopez’s fans. This rumor took the internet after the death of Jamie Lopez. Jamie Lopez’s Death news was the reason behind this hoax. Jamie Lopez was the owner of Babydoll Beauty Couture Salon which was featured in the American TV reality show “Super Sized Salon”. Nowadays we see a lot of Fake news getting viral and the news of Jennifer Lopez’s death is also fake. Nowadays Social media is the biggest culprit for this type of hoax news.

Is Jennifer Lopez Dead was the question that was disturbing the fans when hoax news of Jennifer’s death was floating all around social media, but after investing this false news we came to know that it was Jamie Lopez, not Jennifer Lopez. After reading this if you are thinking about who is Jamie Lopez, then please don’t worry we are here to help you out with complete information about Jamie .

Jamie Lopez
Super Sized Salon- Source – Instagram

Jamie Lopez Biography

Jamie Lopez was the owner of the World’s First Plus Size Salon – Babydoll Beauty Couture based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jamie also featured in the first season of the TV reality show Super Sized Salon. The Story of Jamie is full of struggle, a few years back she opened up about her struggles once her weight was over 800 pounds, it was very difficult for her to move and she was bedbound at that time But later she worked hard and lost 400 pounds. Her weight loss journey and the reason behind the opening of the world’s first Salon for plus-sized women was televised in the show.

Jamie Lopez died at the age of 37 in Las Vegas due to heart failure. She was born in the year 1985. After her death, WeTV also posted a message on Twitter. Anyone’s death is sad but when someone dies at the young age of 37 is literally heartbreaking. Jamie was dedicated in creating a safe and welcoming environment for all women irrespective of their body types. Her motive was to provide a space where women never feel discriminated due to their body size. Later Jamie experienced this once when she broke a chair in a salon.

Is Jennifer Lopez Dead, Jamie Lopez
Jamie Lopez Died due to heart failure

Reason for Jamie Lopez’s Death

According to reports, Jamie Lopez died due to heart reasons. Heart diseases are common in overweight people. Due to the high-fat percentage in the body, fat people are more prone to heart diseases. it is hard to believe for the fans that Jamie Lopez is dead.

Jamie Lopez’s journey to create a safe environment for Women

In an Instagram post, Jamie revealed that she was once kidnapped inside her own house. At that time her weight was around 800 pounds and she was unable to move and was bedbound. She has been exploited, used, and then left to die, but she never lost faith in herself and fought hard to achieve her goal. She opened her Salon “Babydoll Beauty Couture” in the year 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With her salon, she was dedicated to providing a safe place for Plus sized women where they can get beautiful and enjoy their makeup without being discriminated due to their body type and plus size. In her journey, she was threatened many times and was also given threats of being killed, but she never looked back. at the time of her death, she was preparing for the second season of the reality show Super Sized Salon. The late Jamie Lopez has also written a book “Big Fat Lies”.

Jamie Lopez Death
Babydoll Beauty Couture took to Instagram and shared this post to confirm Jamie Lopez is dead

On December 19, Babydoll Beauty Couture took to Instagram and shared a post to confirm Jamie’s death. They wrote:

On behalf of the Babydoll Beauty Couture team, we regretfully announce, with great pain, the passing of The Founder & Owner of Babydoll Beauty Couture, The Legendary Jamie Lopez.

We ask, on behalf of the Babydoll family, that you allow us time to process this tremendous loss. Further details and arrangements will be announced soon. We have suffered an extraordinary loss and appreciate the time and space to grieve in peace. Please keep our Babydoll family & team lifted in your hearts and prayers.

Is Jennifer Lopez Dead Jamie Lopez
Jamie Lopez

Who was Jamie Lopez?

Jamie Lopez was the owner of The World’s First Plus-size Salon – “Babydoll Beauty Couture”. She appeared in the first season of “Super Sized salon”. She has also written a book – “Big Fat Lies“. Jamie died at the young age of 37 due to heart failure.

Is Jamie Lopez Dead?

Yes, it is true that Jamie Lopez is dead, she was just 37 years old and died due to heart failure. Her fans are finding it very much hard to believe that Jamie Lopez is dead. She died at a very young age.

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