Chuu breaks the silence over her exit from Loona.

Chuu was recently expelled from the Korean girl group Loona due to allegations of abuse towards staff members. Chuu joined the Loona group on 14 December 2017 and was expelled on 25 November 2022.

BlockBerry Creative officially revealed this information on 25th November that Chuu is no longer a member of the Loona group and further told that after investigation they have found Chuu guilty and to avoid such instances in the coming future they are officially removing Chuu from the group.

Chuu Breaks the Silence:

After some days, Chuu breaks the silence over this issue. She said that “she has never done anything to shame my fans”. She further denied the allegations stating misbehavior with staff members and misuse of her power.

On November 28, She shared a post on Instagram. Through this post, she denied all the allegations and said that she has never done anything wrong and never misused her powers. She further said that she will reveal more information on this issue in the coming time. She said that currently I am understanding the situation and At the right time I will reveal more information on this. She shared this information through an Instagram post written in Korean.

Loona Chuu

All the fans of Chuu have flooded social media regarding their disagreement on Chuu’s removal from the Loona group. All the fans trended the hashtag #westandwithchuu on Twitter. Every fan of Chuu is after BlockBerry Creative for their decision to expel Chuu from the Loona group. Fans want other Loona members to complete their contract with Loona and then Form a new music label with Chuu as they want all the 12 members to stay together.

Chuu Loona

9 members of Loona have filed Injunctions to Suspend their contracts with Loona.

9 members of the Loona group have filed injunctions to suspend their contracts with Loona. When asked BlockBerry Creative about the news they called this news fake and said that it is not true. According to reports Loona members- Olivia Hye, Yves, Go Won, Kim Lip, JinSoul, YeoJin, Choerry, HeeJin, and HaSeul have filed an injunction to suspend their contract with Loona as well they think that after this incident the trust has been broken and it will be very hard for them to work further with Loona.


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